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As I wrote in Where Was I Exactly?, I received an e-mail inquiry from a crackpot who is involved in a nonsensical debate on whether the CNN video was fabricated or actually shot by a CNN newsman from a boat. I addressed this in my original posting in September 2007. In December of 2007, this crackpot and his anonymous on-line buddies had a little discussion on using my name as the title. I discovered this in August 2008 and am writing my response on Labor Day 2008.

The purpose of this page is not to re-present the facts I presented on the cited page, but to consider the techniques and tactics that the 9/11 "truth movement" uses to intimidate, obfuscate, and fabricate when faced with eyewitness testimony.

Daniel Hassan never did write back - these idiots have the backbone of a jellyfish - but I now understand the single piece of fan mail I received applauding me for putting myself "out in the maelstrom that the 9/11 arena can be." The fan went on to write that he feels "it takes a courage that most do not possess to expose themselves to the public in the manner in which you have."

When I wrote to, my e-mail said, "Unlike you, I have taken the risk of not being anonymous in my writings, and my e-mail address is not private. Two of my children's grandparents are Holocaust survivors (on my ex-wife's side), and many of my relatives on my father's side perished in the Holocaust, and I understand the importance of them to speak out as witnesses and debunk the horrible Holocaust denial "movement." The subjects of groupthink, propaganda, paranoia, and what you call "logical fallacy" have been life-long interests of mine, and are a primary subtext under one of my most famous pieces, "Alamo!" completed in 1998. My 1985 "Typhoid Mary" also relates to these subjects."

As a radical civil libertarian, I fervently believe that the answer to bad speech is more speech. How can we not answer, loudly, publicly, point by point, these idiots?

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