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This page will link you to the full score of Barry Drogin's "After", completed in 2002 as part of the song cycle, "September 11 Songs."

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About the Piece

The text for "After" was written by the composer. The piece is dedicated to the memory of Martha Schlamme.

About the Piece's Origins

Months after the composer's personal experience of 9/11, he wrote an autobiographical stream-of-consciousness poem which he has since been trying to transform into the cabaret song cycle, "September 11 Songs." After several drafts, the composer attempted a rhyming version of the first part of the poem, which developed into "After."

About the Music

The melody for "After" was first devised as a "dummy melody" to support the rhyme scheme. After completing the draft, the composer flew to Europe to attend NewOp11, and found he couldn't get the melody out of his head. Upon his return he wrote it down, and then devised a piano accompaniment. Unlike the other three songs which complete the song cycle, "After" can be performed as a stand-alone piece, sung a cappella, with the piano accompaniment the composer has provided, or in an arrangement of the performer's choosing. Chords are notated in the score to encourage arrangements for guitar. Although the song follows certain song conventions, the composer was surprised to discover that each verse is not 16 measures long. The song is emotional and sad, as befits its subject matter, and ends on an unresolved seventh chord.

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