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"Love and Idols"

This page will link you to a selection from Baruch Skeer's "Love and Idols", completed in 1986 and given a private reading by Elliot Z. Levine, Adele Robbins and Nicholas Underhill that year. The selection, approximately 20 seconds of music, is from the child soprano's reprise aria in the last scene.

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About the Piece

The libretto for "Love and Idols" was adapted by the composer from a dramatic poem, "All in Good Time," by Matthew Paris. The composer was introduced to Mr. Paris by Virgil Thomson. The entire piece is 52 minutes in duration, and printed on 187 back-to-back 8 1/2" x 11" pages. A cassette recording of the reading can be obtained, at cost, for $5US. A copy of the full score and grand rights (see contract) can be obtained for $250US (checks payable to Barry Drogin). Send a check and your address to Barry Drogin, 720 Greenwich Street #5T, NY, NY 10014. Postage and handling is included.

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