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"Yisroayl B'Mitzroyim (Israel in Egypt)"

This page will link you to a selection from Baruch Skeer's oratorio, "Yisroayl B'Mitzroyim," a work-in-progress. The selection, approximately 20 seconds of music, is the climax of the first choral section, which leads to a repeat of the opening solo duet.

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About the Piece

This ambitious project, to write a new oratorio, using the original Hebrew text from Exodus, is the culmination of Baruch Skeer's life-long devotion toward developing a new compositional style based in Judaic chant and modalities. The treatment, taking advantage of features only found in the original Hebrew, is a midrash of sorts, as well as a dramatic performance piece that will culminate in a setting of the "Song of the Sea." Taking a Jewish approach to the text, with echoes of contemporary Jewish history impacting on the interpretation, Handel's "Israel in Egypt" will, to Jews, appear misguided and dated in comparison. The first 15 pages of "Yisroayl B'Mitzroyim" are now complete. Barry Drogin is seeking readings or performances of these pages. Four soloists, and a professional-quality chorus, are required. Interested choruses should contact Barry Drogin using one of the response options below. Baruch Skeer is also seeking individuals or organizations interested in commissioning additional sections of the piece.

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