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"The Couch, or, This is Therapy?"

This page will link you to a selection from Barry Drogin's "The Couch", a work-in-progress. The working titles, "This is Therapy?" and "The Psychoterrorists" have also been considered. The selection, approximately 40 seconds of music, is the end of Scene 2.

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About the Piece

Prior to this selection, Eve has fallen in love with Adam, and excitedly tells her Psychoterrorist, Mr. Tealeaves, who becomes worried. In a musical aside, Mr. Tealeaves states that "Passion is dangerous!" Eve is lost in her own thoughts --- how could anyone love someone who isn't "healthy"? Mr. Tealeaves catches her line of thought and, feeling threatened, excitedly (using the same music Eve had excitedly entered with) convinces Eve to schedule an extra appointment to treat (sic) her excitement.

Barry Drogin is currently seeking readings, workshops and performances of the completed first half. Interested opera companies should contact Barry Drogin using one of the contact options below.

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