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"Love Poems from the Sanskrit"

This page will link you to a selection from Barry Drogin's "Love Poems from the Sanskrit", completed in 1992 and given a private performance by Gregory Purnhagen in August of 1994. The selection comprises the first and sixth poem of an eight-section song cycle. (There are seven poems. In the eighth section, the melody of the first poem is recalled.)

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About the Piece

The poems in "Love Poems from the Sanskrit" have been translated by John Brough, and appear in the collection "Poems from the Sanskrit" published by Penguin Books (Copyright John Brough, 1968, used by permission). Two of the poems also appear in the collection, "Love/A Celebration in Art and Literature", edited by Jane Lahr and Lena Tabori (Copyright 1982 by Jane Lahr and Lena Tabori), in which the composer originally found them.

The song cycle is 8:30 in duration, and printed on three accordion-style manuscript pages. Copies of the full score can be obtained, at cost, for $5US (checks payable to Barry Drogin). Send a check and your address to Barry Drogin, 720 Greenwich Street #5T, NY, NY 10014. Postage and handling is included.

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