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This page will link you to the full score of Barry Drogin and Baruch Skeer's "Sleep", completed in 1997 as part of "The Lullaby Project".

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About the Piece

The text for "Sleep" was written by Barry Drogin. As a lullaby, it is intended to be sung a cappella to a child at bedtime.

About the Piece's Origins

The melody for "Sleep" was originally composed in 1986 as the opening aria of "Love and Idols," Baruch Skeer's first opera. Originally, only the first phrase was sung a cappella. "Sleep" has the honor of being the only piece that is part of "The Lullaby Project" that has put Barry Drogin's son, Max, to sleep.

About the Music

A lilting 6/8 melody in a straight-forward AABA song form, the piece holds up remarkably well in its a cappella version. Tonal but more harmonically varied than many lullabies submitted, the singer must fight its melodramatic ending flourish by getting softer.

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