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The following is one of my postings on the NewMusicBox WTC posting page.

There is a photography exhibition, a democratic display of images of the tragedy. And of course, there have been tons of words, stories appearing in every medium. As composers, what about sound? If you go to the CNN web site, you can see and hear the video of the second plane crash (although you cannot save it). I was thinking about how I wanted there to be a collection of all of the sounds related to this tragedy.

Well, this is a big country, and good ideas don't appear alone. Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, California-based producers of "Lost and Found Sound" on NPR, are collaborating with Verizon to build a Sonic Monument of sounds from dictation tapes, tourist videos, voice mails - anything that relates to the life and history of the World Trade Center or to the events of Sept 11. Call (202) 408-0300 if you have anything to contribute,

A Musique Concrete memorial, assembled from their archives? Considering the way I flinch every time I hear a helicopter or airplane overhead, I think that would be effective Music Therapy, both for the composer and the audience (if done sincerely).

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