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Great while it lasted
11/6/2001 8 :25:40 AM

As a form, minimalism does not fit the Hegelian thesis-antithesis-synthesis direction of pre-existing music with a beginning, middle and end. Instead, it exists in an ever evolving now.

Much has been made of twentieth century culture's attempting to deal with "the bomb", the coda that ends all other codas. For twenty-five years, we imagined what a world without nuclear destruction, mass genocide and world war might be like. Unfortunately, while we were enjoying this peace, others were plotting new methods to destroy our serenity. We will have to imagine new forms for the twenty-first century that acknowledge the need for vigilance against the human tendency towards evil, that show tolerance for diversity, deal with technology as both blessing and curse, acknowledge the population explosion and contrast pure anonymous democracy with a hierarchical republic of statesmen. We will imagine these new forms for our times because we have something important to say, and we must.

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