The following are the lyrics of one version of a song I wrote. The score can be found by clicking here. Hit your browser's Refresh button to hear "After" again. If your browser does not automatically play the music, try clicking here.

A song ain't a picture,
A song ain't a book.
A song is a melody,
A tune with a hook.

A song unfolds in time,
It takes time and gives it back.
Before this song was written
There was laughter,
Now there's only AFTER.

Calendars start on Sunday
If you buy them off the shelf.
My calendars start on Monday,
I make them for myself.

But my life changed on a Tuesday,
I'm confused.
Was it Monday? Was it Tuesday?
There is no day before.
Now there's only AFTER.

I know I woke as usual,
I followed my routine.
I know because I simply don't remember.
It was a sunny day that morning in September.

And I dressed on auto-pilot
Like a piano player's fingers
There's no memory that lingers from before.
Now there's only AFTER.

An impassable wall
Means I cannot recall
What I did, who I saw,
Where'd I go?

But I voted I'm sure,
It's a clue to before.
I can't tell you much more.
I don't know!

The train stops at Cortlandt,
Lots of businessmen get off.
I'd like to say that I recall a single face.
I'd like to say, "I saw your husband, he looked fine."

I keep looking at the posters.
Oh, my god, there are so many.
I've no memory of anything before.
Now there's only AFTER.

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