Debt was NOT a Cherished Aspect

Drudge Noir and a cast of CHARACTERS

Young Peter learns about Bankruptcy

Young Peter learns to only invest in Himself

Peter invents, saves, and never owes any debts

Peter invents philanthropy

Michaelson's Hedge Fund action!

How to gamble with Cooper's endowment

OUR hedge funds are ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE (We wish!)

Trustees think the Engineering Building is UGLY

Borrow Money and Buy Stuff

Trustees drool over the Hewitt Building

The Capital Campaign and its Building Fund!

Michaelson's Temptation

The Demon of Debt!

Leveraging the Chrysler Building

Interested in Borrowing?

The 150th Anniversary

Institution-Driven Investing (brag, brag)

MetLife Owns The Cooper Union now

Are You Cool Enough?

Sign the Papers

Demon's Laughter

Jamshed's Deal

Michaelson & Epstein

Peter Cooper & The Demons of Debt is a serial webcomic created by Matt Arnold for The Alumni Pioneer.

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