Director of Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation for SUPERSTRUCTURES


In 2007, I was hired by SUPERSTRUCTURES to develop new products, methods, and services in the fields of Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation and Remote Monitoring Sensors. SUPERSTRUCTURES is a unique architecture and engineering firm, devoted to exterior restoration work. Most of the technologies developed in the construction industry are for use in transportation and new construction.

My initial task was to locate equipment, technologies and techniques used in these related fields, as well as other fields such as geomechanics, robotics, wireless networking, and conservation, and make them available to SUPERSTRUCTURES' clients. I've received ASNT-TC-1A infrared thermography and ground penetrating radar training, suspended and supported scaffold safety training, and have become proficient in the use of Impact-Echo, covermeters, Schmidt hammers, and other NDT&E technologies. A list of the tests I provide can be found here, and representative projects I have worked on can be found here.

(For a more formal list of all of the testing services, including materials testing and conservation services, that SUPERSTRUCTURES provides, click here.)

I also prototyped, manufactured, and started field testing of a low-power crack monitoring system using WPAN mesh networking technology.

After several successes in winning major agency projects for SUPERSTRUCTURES, my title was changed from Senior Research Engineer to Director of Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation. At SUPERSTRUCTURES, I also:

I serve on two important committees:
In 2011, SUPERSTRUCTURES created website devoted to its testing and evaluation studios, Periodically, I write NDT&E Tech Briefs, which are posted on the webste. I also maintain a portfolio of NDT&E data examples on Behance, and help maintain the NDTWiki.

I am active on LinkedIn and participate in many on-line business and technical discussions.

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Important: Barry is currently working full-time and is only available for small after-hours consulting contracts.

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