Consultant for the Navy Hawkeye AWACS Shock Absorption System for FFF Engineering Design

Hawkeye AWACS

Since June 2003, I have been working as a private consultant to several firms on various projects, primarily transportation-related. For FFF Engineering Design, I played a critical role in helping the firm create a working prototype of an experimental shock absorption system and beat out several other firms in proceeding to Phase II and Phase III proof-of-principle and flight-worthiness testing prior to deployment in NAVAIR E2-C Hawkeye AWACS aircraft.

The system is capable of dynamically changing the dampening of the shock absorber. The requirement was to distinguish the shock of landing the aircraft from the normal vibration of the aircraft caused by the propeller blades, and so provide more protection during landing and a smoother ride during flight. I developed the appropriate mathematical algorithm, and wrote and debugged C code for the microprocessor linking the accelerometer detector to the shock absorber control circuit.

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