Director for the Copalis Multi-Assay Flow Cytometer for Sienna Biotech

Sienna Biotech

Sienna Biotech was a medical device start-up located in New York City headed by Dr. Petra B. Krauledat and the brilliant physicist/inventor Dr. W. Peter Hansen. I was privileged to be hired as a Director of seven employees in what was called the Electronic Hardware & Software Engineering Group. In an attempt to create the first working prototype of an innovative multi-assay flow cytometer using antigen-coated nanoparticles, I supervised and participated in the creation of schematics, PC board layouts, optical block mechanical drawings, and even made major contributions to the statistical analysis of the multi-assay data.

American Standard obtained a majority interest in the company, fired the NYC-based principals (of which I was one), and consolidated operations in Maryland.

My title at Sienna Biotech was Director, Electronic Hardware & Software Engineering Group. I was employed there from 1993 to 1994.

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