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Thursday, June 18, 2020, NYC Mayor de Blasio - We're Ready to Open Playgrounds for Younger Kids on Monday

Everyone's ready for Monday, for phase two to begin. Just want to remind everyone, and that includes the bar and restaurant owners and managers and folks that work there, and all of you who patronize the bars and restaurants and cafes in your community; we want to keep moving forward. That means we need to get it right. Please respect the rules that are in place that are part of phase one. We're going to have lots of ambassadors out, lots of people out giving face coverings, reminding people to keep their social distancing and if we have to enforce, we will. We never want to give a summons and add additional financial burden, but the point to everyone is do it the right way so we don't need to do that kind of enforcement. If we see problems, we're going to address them this weekend. And then as we go into phase two, again, light touch, self-certification, we want to make it work; we want to get money back in the pockets of restaurant owners, but please everyone respect the rules in the name of health and safety because the last thing we want is for this disease to make a comeback and that'll set us all back. Be smart, be responsible, help us all move forward.

Phase two is going to mean a lot more people coming back to work. Phase two is going to mean a huge step forward for our economy. I know so many parents have been asking for relief as well, so many parents with young children who have been cooped up. There's a lot of things that still cannot yet happen in our parks, but for the playgrounds meant for younger children with the playground equipment, that's specifically meant for kids to get a break, get some exercise, those playgrounds for younger kids, we're ready to open those up on Monday. We're going to start with those playgrounds for younger kids and then hopefully sometime soon we can go even farther in terms of our parks and all of the athletic facilities they have. We're going to have social distancing ambassadors out all around. They're going to be out reminding people about distancing, giving out the face coverings, helping parents to remember all those basic hygiene rules they really matter with kids. If they're out in the playground, really important to use the hand sanitizer, wash hands afterwards, all sorts of precautions that need to be taken, but we believe we can make it work safely and it's another step in the right direction, starting on Monday.
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