COVID-19: NYC Quote of the Day 2020-06-20

Thursday, June 18, 2020, NYC Mayor de Blasio - It's Time to Move Forward, the City is On Track for a Monday Phase Two

Question: Mr. Mayor, yesterday, about an hour after you sounded optimistic but a little bit cautious about Phase Two. The Governor indicated the city is on track for a Monday Phase Two. Did you have a conversation with the Governor after that?

Mayor: Yeah, it's been a back and forth with the Governor and his team now over the last week or more, and there's been a high degree of unity on the fact that we want to get to Phase Two as quickly as possible. I sounded a cautious note because my general approach to life is, where you're not sure or something, lower expectations a little bit. I think most New Yorkers would rather have their expectations lowered rather than have them brought up high and then disappointed. We all wanted to watch the individual daily indicators, what we might see over the weekend as a result of the impact of Phase One, as a result of the impact of the protests. Those are both very important factors. Phase One is actually by far the more important factor, because it's many more people every single day. But we saw the trend line this week and the consistency of the trend line. I said, let's check this morning. Let's see if we see the same thing again. We see exactly the same thing, again. It's time to move forward, and if anything comes up in the data that's a concern, we're going to talk about it publicly and make adjustments accordingly.
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