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Important: Barry is currently working full-time and is only available for small after-hours consulting contracts.
Barry Drogin
Drogin Consulting - www.droginconsult.com
720 Greenwich Street #5T
New York, NY 10014


Clients have the right to expect the highest standards of confidentiality, professional and ethical conduct,
accountability and responsiveness. Drogin Consulting delivers a full documentation package of all work and work products,
including a final report detailing operation, use and potential enhancements. Drogin Consulting will never agree to take on
work it can not handle or deliver on schedule, and will keep clients informed of any risks or obstacles encountered.
Locating and contracting engineering personnel and services
RFI, RFP and bid package preparation and presentation
Product feasibility, cost estimation and human factors considerations
Project time-lining, tracking and supervision
Multi-site teaming and collaboration via teleconferencing and web tools
Failure Mode, Criticality, Reliability and Maintainability analyses
Empirical data graphing and curve fit
Parametric equation solving
Statistical and probabilistic data interpretation and insight
Analog, Digital, Microprocessor and PLD design
Full schematic, parts list and bill-of-material documentation, including costing
AutoCAD 3-D assembly modeling, including perspective views and walk-throughs
Locating products and vendors
Patent searching and retrieval
Locating and ordering technical literature
Windows applications using Visual Basic
Microprocessor and DOS applications using C
Motorola CSIC applications using assembly
Programmable Logic using manufacturer tools
ISO 9001 company procedures, ANSI/ASQC Q9001 quality plans
PMI PMBOK project management, SEI CMM software compliance
OSHA 29 CFR Part 1926 construction safety standards
NTCIP and ITS National Architecture compliance
RTCA DO-160 aviation environmental testing, and MILSPEC standards including
MIL-HDBK-217F MTBF, MIL-STD-1629A FMECA, MIL-STD-275 PC board layout
UL-544 medical device emissions and safety requirements, and international standards including
IEC 601.1, CSA 22.2, and VDE 0750 and 0871
MicroSoft Project, Primavera P3 and Suretrak
Sharepoint, SourceSafe, Requisite Pro
AutoCAD, Bentley MicroStation, MathCad
Peakfit, TableCurve, Visual Basic, C
MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
Various contracting options, including per hour, per day and per job bidding
Minimum job: $400.00, or 2 hours @ $200/hour
FFF Engineering Design, LLC
Sam Schwartz, LLC
Longi Engineering

Three Types of independent consultants
  • Generalists: Consultants with expertise and common sense who help a client define its problem so that the client can solve it.
  • Specialists: Consultants with particular know-how who can solve a specific problem or deliver a specific service a client needs.
  • Experts:
    (1) Consultants with extensive education and highly specialized expertise who amortize the cost of their education in their billing rates.
    (2) Specialists whom a client hires and calls experts so their opinions will carry weight.
- Peter C. Brown, 1994, Jumping the Job Track: Security, Satisfaction, and Success as an Independent Consultant
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