Barry Drogin on Experience

Barry Drogin
What do you do?
I do things that have never been done before.

But what about having prior experience?
In every job I've ever been hired for, I have had no prior experience.

  • When hired by ASD in 1981, I had no experience in laserdisk-based automatic teller machines (none existed), but I created and installed ATMs in three Chemical Bank branches and provided field service support.
  • When hired by TCI in 1985, I had no experience as a teacher, but I was so popular the students asked me to become IEEE Student Branch Counselor.
  • When hired by Dentsply in 1989, I had no experience in intra-oral dental cameras, but the Perspective Dental Imaging System I created was the most successful product launch in their history.
  • When hired by Cox in 1995, I had no experience in MIL-SPEC or FAA regulations, but I created an innovative low-power de-icing system for the Raytheon Beechcraft that passed extreme environmental testing.
  • When hired by TBTA in 1998, I had no experience in Intelligent Transportation Systems, but one month later I created their $65M 2000-2004 ITS Capital Program, and managed $25M of the projects with no in-house support.
  • When hired by SUPERSTRUCTURES in 2007, I had no experience in non-destructive testing, but in a year I won multi-year term contracts from NYSCA and DASNY and regularly present continuing education seminars on NDT&E for AIA HSW credit to architects and engineers

  • Similarly, I had no experience in Flow Cytometers, Flight Simulators, Ultrasonic Scalers, Hospital Imaging Systems, or AWACS Shock Absorption Systems, but since graduating from The Cooper Union in 1983 I have created new versions of these products, and more.

    So you DO have experience?
    I have experience:

  • supervising consultants, suppliers, multiple contractors, and direct reports
  • meeting deadlines, managing budgets, and running productive meetings
  • writing specifications, negotiating contracts, and building consensus
  • writing technical papers, giving technical presentations, granting technical interviews
  • ensuring quality, fostering innovation and invention, and meeting user needs
  • We need someone with experience.
    Do you understand what an engineer of my caliber can do?

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