Alamo! premiere
Alamo! premiere
Not Nice Music Performer of Music

Dora Ohrenstein: "I can't imagine a better performer for these works than yourself! These are pieces made for you."

Emil Adler: "I've got a surprise for you -- I love your voice! I sincerely think your music is exquisitely communicated by you."

Joshua Fried: "The combo of your more rock-folk vocals with the more scored, 'classical' material was disarming and refreshing. By doing it a cappella you really throw this contrast in our faces - er, ears - and I liked that a lot."


Barry Drogin is known internationally as a performer of his work, part of a trend he identified in a NewMusicBox essay, "Music-Theater: The Composer as Performer." On this website you will find:

If you would like to engage Barry as a performer, please do not hesitate to contact him using one of the response options listed below.

Response options: (unless you give permission, all responses will be confidential)

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  • Send snail mail to Barry Drogin, 720 Greenwich Street #5T, NY, NY 10014 USA

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