My Personal September 11 Page
My Personal September 11 Page
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Fan mail for My Personal September 11 Page: "Your words have had a profound impact and have brought it closer to a 'feeling reality' for me. Your description shows very vividly that vast space between what actually happened, and what we see in a kind of disembodied set of disaster movie images in a small box representing what happened."

Fan mail for Cassandra's Curse: "These pages are absolutely wonderful!" - "Awesome!" - "I truly appreciate your honesty." - "Great book, I hope to visit frequently." - "These are good!!"

Fan mail for Generations: "I read the poems by your father and grandfather. Both were great poets, this is a wonderful monument to them." - "The poems on your site lift my spirit. I visit this site often." - "All the poems that I read were wonderful." - "I love your poetry." - "Some of the poems were awesome, a few spellbinding." - "These poems are very inspiring and they touch the soul in a most unusual way." - "I want more!"


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