The Music-Theatre of Barry Drogin
The Music-Theatre of Barry Drogin
Not Nice Music Composer of Music

Stephen Sondheim: "I decided over the weekend that I was sick of my own stuff and therefore turned yours on. It's terrific!"

Emil Adler: "Your songs are absolutely magnificent. They are simply terrific and completely irresistable. I love them!"

Michael Sahl: "At a time, when nothing is radical, this work is remarkably so, and requires and deserves attention and some ingenuity of presentation as well as the singing talent to realize it."

Jim Theobald, WBAI-FM: "This music is wonderful to listen to. Barry Drogin is a lot of fun, and I think you're going to like this music."

About Typhoid Mary: "A dramatic dance work." (Andrew Yarrow, The New York Times) - "An intriguing homespun version of German Expressionist theatre." (Gus Solomons, The Village Voice) - "A rather ghoulish yet intriguing dramatization." (Julinda Lewis, Dance Magazine).


Tnis website features the music of Barry Drogin and Baruch Skeer. You will find:

Barry's music is also featured on three other important websites:

A CD of Typhoid Mary and Alamo! has been released. If you are interested in performing this music yourself, please do not hesitate to contact Barry Drogin using one of the response options listed below.

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  • Send snail mail to Barry Drogin, 720 Greenwich Street #5T, NY, NY 10014 USA

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