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  • Welcome to this on-line catalog of the music of Barry Drogin and Baruch Skeer
    (Not Nice Music is no longer representing their music)

    Due to close of business, the Typhoid Mary/Alamo! CD is no longer being offered for sale (as I would have to collect sales tax).
    The remaining inventory is available for free - just send an appropriate SASE to the address below or arrange to stop on by and pick one up, while supplies last!

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    On This Page: Listen / Works for Singers / Works for Chorus or Choral Ensemble / Works for Music-Theatre / Questions

    If you merely want to hear what some of the music sounds like...

    Listen to 5 pieces by Barry Drogin on SoundCloud here and 6 pieces by Baruch Skeer on SoundCloud here.

    On this website you will find the following MP3 recordings:

  • Hoover by Rachel Sheinkin and Barry Drogin (1.9MB), click here for PDF full libretto
  • Alamo! live excerpt by Barry Drogin (1.4MB)
  • Alamo! studio excerpt by Barry Drogin (1.4MB)
  • Typhoid Mary Overture by Barry Drogin (1.7MB)
  • How Do I Love Thee? by Barry Drogin (1.9MB)
  • Yisroayl B'Mitroyim excerpt by Baruch Skeer (0.8MB)
  • Song of Songs by Baruch Skeer (3.5MB)
    and the following MIDI realization:
  • After from September 11 Songs by Barry Drogin (13KB)

    You can also find these off-site MP3 recordings:
  • Under the Super Dome by Barry Drogin (4.0MB)
  • Requiem for Kalvos & Damian by Baruch Skeer (1.9MB)

    Not Nice Music's website uses the discontinued Flash Player: Alamo!, Typhoid Mary Overture, Yisroayl B'Mitzroyim, and Song of Songs may no longer be playable there.

    You can find two MP3 podcasts, Part 1 and Part 2, of the music of Barry Drogin:

  • Part 1: 32:00 Love Poems from the Sanskrit
  • Part 2: 04:25 Alamo! (the short version)
  • Part 2: 17:17 NewOp Doo Wop
  • Part 2: 25:05 Three selections from Typhoid Mary
  • Part 2: 52:35 After from September 11 Songs
  • Part 2: 00:00 Amidah by Baruch Skeer
  • Part 2: 37:07 Station ID by Barry Drogin and Baruch Skeer
    while listening to Barry being interviewed about his music.
  • Full transcription (6KB)
  • Complete playlist (7KB)

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    You can find two MP3 podcasts, Part 1 and Part 2, of the music of Baruch Skeer:

  • Part 1: 32:04 Song of Songs
  • Part 1: 43:32 One selection from Prélude à l'après-midi Noces
  • Part 1: 50:15 One selection from Love Poems from the Hebrew
  • Part 2: 00:00 Four selections from Love and Idols
  • Part 2: 23:59 Three examples of Yisroayl B'Mitzroyim
  • Part 2: 44:03 Another selection from Love Poems from the Hebrew
  • Part 2: 19:00 Sleep by Baruch Skeer and Barry Drogin
  • Part 2: 35:30 Breakfast from September 11 Songs by Barry Drogin
    while listening to Baruch being interviewed about his music.
  • Full transcription (8KB)
  • Complete playlist (8KB)

    Works for Singers - works for individual singers available legally in two ways: (a cappella = Wedding Music = Jewish Interest = )

    FREE works published in PDF on the Internet:

  • Song of Songs for soprano, moderate difficulty, in transliterated Hebrew ("I am my Beloved's", attributed to Solomon), a modal experiment featuring extended use of the mordent ornament
  • How Do I Love Thee? for alto & tenor duet, minimal difficulty, setting of the Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem ("...Let me count the ways"...), especially appropriate for students
  • Sleep from The Lullaby Project for mid-range voice, minimal to moderate difficulty, a collection of original lullabies in various styles by contemporary composers from around the world written in honor of the birth of the composer's son, most contain the name, "Max", see the call for scores and FAQ for more details
  • After from September 11 Songs for a cappella voice or voice and piano, minimal difficulty, a stand-alone pop song/cabaret song with chord notation relating to Barry Drogin's personal experiences
  • Works published AT COST (sample pages available in PDF on the Internet):

  • Recipe for a Happy Marriage for soprano and piano, moderate difficulty, text was a wedding gift poem, includes a wedding march, 3$US per score
  • Love Poems from the Sanskrit for baritone, moderate difficulty, in English, setting of translations of seven beautiful Sanskrit poems arranged into a song cycle, an exploration of the expressive possibilities of unaccompanied song, $3US per score
  • Alamo! a scena for a cappella voice and Bible (King James version) for any voice, any vocal quality, any skill level, text assembled from the religious pamphlets of then-fugitive fundamentalist cult leader Tony Alamo, public park performances encouraged (BYOB), $10US per score
  • Our composers also work with singers directly as follows:
  • Portraits an on-going project in which the composer works directly with the singer on a text of the singer's choosing. The singer either meets with the composer directly or sends a sample tape and discusses the work by telephone. These pieces are created at no charge to the singer; Not Nice Music retains the copyright. Barry Drogin has used this method to create, with Rachel Sheinkin, arias from "Hoover" for singers Jake Alrich and Liz Racster, and is currently working with Abbie Conant, Laurie Amat, and Danielle Woerner.
  • Non-catalog items singers may correspond with Not Nice Music about older items deleted from the current catalog and "trunk songs" for use on recitals, cabaret acts, auditions, etc. Visits to the composer in his studio may also be arranged.
  • It is our policy to never charge individual singers for scores, tapes, CDs, etc., except for reimbursement of the actual costs of materials and shipping. Where available, scores and recordings are transmitted using the Internet.

    Works for Chorus or Choral Ensemble - works for chorus available legally in two ways: (a cappella = Wedding Music = Jewish Interest = )

    FREE works published in PDF on the Internet:

  • Eight Days of Chanukah for SSAATTBB with conductor/narrator, minimal difficulty, performable by 8, 16, 24 or more voices, intended for balance on amateur chorus Christmas concerts, in transliterated Hebrew, text from Shemoneh Esrei, describing the meaning of Chanukah, a compositional puzzle piece, simulating the traditional lighting of the candles on the eight days of Chanukah, manuscript parts also available $5US for 8 parts rental, $15US for 8 parts purchase
  • Works published AT COST (sample pages available in PDF on the Internet):
  • Amidah for SATB with integral solo quartet, minimal difficulty, setting of the beautiful "silent" prayer at the end of Shemoneh Esrei, in transliterated Hebrew, text by Mar, son of Rabina, a fourth-century rabbi, originally written as a solo quartet Epilogue to the Jewish opera, "Love and Idols", full score and copyrights, $1US per score
  • Prélude à l'après-midi Noces for SATB, moderate difficulty, three choral moments from the traditional Jewish wedding service: the appearance of the bride, the bridal party processional, and the "seven circles" of the bride around the groom, in transliterated Hebrew, from various traditional texts, $6US per score
  • Yisroayl B'Mitzroyim (Israel in Egypt) for SATB with soloists, very difficult, in transliterated Hebrew, the opening "scenes" of a dramatic oratorio using the Exodus text, an ambitious project, a Midrash of sorts, follow link for details
  • For religious reasons, Baruch Skeer's works for chorus are all a cappella and use transliterations into English using an original syllabication system that unambiguously clarifies the Hebrew vowel to be sung.

    Works for Music-Theatre (a cappella = Wedding Music = Jewish Interest = )

  • Love and Idols A Jewish Opera for minimum four voices and concert grand piano (six or eight voices also possible), original English text, with transliterated Hebrew prayer epilogue, creatively mixes genres and vocal types (child soprano, operatic bass, theatre voices), a light, comic, completely sung-through theatre piece equating romanticism with idolatry, perfect for Jewish community centers, YW-YMHA's, Jewish theatre groups and synagogues, full score and grand rights $250US per company
  • The Couch, or, This is Therapy? an a cappella opera for five voices, "the world's least expensive opera", a comic opera in one act making fun of the psychotherapeutic community, minimal sets, no orchestra pit! Seeking a workshop/recording of the first half
  • We use generous grand rights terms for smaller performance groups and community centers that allow for a single payment for unlimited copying and performances.

    A summary of what's free and what's for sale can be found here.
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