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Mark Alburger, 21st Century Music: "Barry Drogin is an authority on contemporary opera and music theatre."

John Palmer: "Your ideas for new forms now and for the future will stay with me for a long time."

Dennis Bathory-Kitz: "It's been said that when Western Music started to develop harmony that the subtlety of melody began to be lost, to the point that we have given it only a role as a kind of musical star. Barry Drogin has taken the risk of writing a piece of entirely and completely unadorned melody."

Michael Sahl: "Barry Drogin has created a style with the clear intention of re-purifying the musical theatre and putting the attention uniquely on the voice, a radical departure from musical theatre as well as from opera."

About Typhoid Mary: "Intriguing because it puts us in mind of threats of quarantine in connection with the AIDS crisis." (Gus Solomons, The Village Voice) - "An intriguing dramatization [that] effectively illustrates the fear that drives the public." (Julinda Lewis, Dance Magazine).


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