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Fighting For a Fair Risk-Free Austerity Budget From November 2011 to January 2014

March 4, 2018, 9pm

Barry Drogin, EE '83, Publisher
Don Toman, EE '55, Christine Moh, A '95,
Leslie Martinez, A '08, Emily Martinez, AR '11, Contributors
Gerald Soloway, EE '69, Matthew Arnold, AR '82, Staff

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Exit Through the Gift Shop

As a final show of good faith – with the uncertainty of large unreimbursed surgical bills still hanging over my head – I gave a large sum of money to the Annual Fund under the Free Since 1859 campaign, and I did everything I could to urge others to do so. I will remain proud of being a Cooper Union alumnus, as someone who attended the college "when it was free." I will be sponsoring an annual trip to Peter Cooper’s grave, on the third Sunday of every April, to watch him spin. I am not going to direct funding to the engineering school, the art school, or the architecture school, or give money to the Annual Fund or the Capital Campaign. But I am going to find some way to keep the Library, its librarians, and the digitization of the Cooper Archives alive. The trustees have killed off Peter Cooper’s legacy, but I will not let them kill off the truth about who Peter Cooper was and what The Cooper Union was. That is my exit pledge.

Read the entire post-mortem here.

Barry Drogin BEE ’83 MEE ‘86
Publisher, The Alumni Pioneer News Archive

The Alumni Pioneer was a virtual newspaper with breaking news stories and links to analyses, sources and the media. It is now an archive.

Some personal musings by Barry Drogin after January 12, 2014, can be found here.


  • Committee to Save Cooper Union
  • Friends of Cooper Union (FOCU)
  • Students for a Free Cooper Union (formerly, Cooper Union Student Action to Save Our School (C.U.$.O.S.))
  • The Alumni Pioneer supports Barnard Contingent Faculty UAW 2110 Bargaining

    Master Plan Cover-Up

    $40M isn't that much money, especially not when you're sitting on over $500M in real estate. In the grand game of "what if?" and hindsight, pointing to the failure of each of the six components of the Master Plan as the cause of the Cooper Union financial crisis has always been the preference of those with a personal philosophy of what's wrong with The Cooper Union, with higher education, or with the country as a whole. But the fact is, if just one of those six components hadn't failed - if we just had another $40M (give or take $10M) sitting in our endowment - Robert Bernhard wouldn't be struggling so hard to divert attention from the failure of his Master Plan, because there wouldn't be much of a financial crisis at all, and the Board could have kept lying to the alumni, the students, the faculty, and the world.

    The over-investment in hedge funds in 2008? John Michaelson can switch to percentages all he wants, but the loss of over $30M in the crash would have left enough cash in the coffers to eliminate the need for a cover-up.

    Move from 51 Astor Place over to the site of the old Hewitt Building? The delay in the construction of 51 Astor Place, and the decision of NYC Finance to cut the PILOT on the site to 50%, cost Cooper $2M per year - at 5% interest, the equivalent of $40M.

    The Capital Campaign? Not only did it fall $50M short of its goal, but another $40M is in bequests - money Cooper won't collect until the donors die.

    The Annual Fund? Here's where the accounting gets so fishy, because, after 2000, large gifts are automatically diverted from the Annual Fund to the Capital Campaign, either to the Building Fund or into the unrestricted endowment. Resources are diverted from small donors - the annual Dinner Dance actually loses money, while Urban Visionaries is more and more successful each year - and - except for the Phonathon - most alumni mailings concentrate on the Building Fund, not the Annual Fund. The takeaway is that alumni participation in The Annual Fund undoubtedly didn't drop from 40% to 20%, and that Annual Fund giving may well have risen from $2M/year to $4M/year - again, equivalent to $40M - if Campbell & Co. hadn't decided to de-emphasize small-donor giving.

    The New Academic Building? The rush to build - paired with the actual cost of Foundation Building renovations - went over-budget by at least $40M, much more depending on how far back you go in the history of cost estimates. That Cooper ended up with less square footage, that there is an untold story of the fight to get the "modern" building to support modern educational telecommunications, and that, despite the energy savings, the annual cost of running the building is apparently higher than running the two buildings it replaced, only adds to the burn, which is why it is a favorite whipping boy of most critics.

    Finally, the rising cost of higher education? The Master Plan called for reductions in the operating budgets, but this isn't possible in an enviroment where secretaries are laid off and replaced with higher-paid assistant directors and directors, all with benefits. The empire building - which extended to the Board of Trustees themselves and their high-priced support staff, lawyers, hedge fund managers, real estate brokers, bankers, and the like - easily added $40M in losses to Cooper's bottom line in the past decade, if not in the past four years alone.

    Why $40M? That's enough to get Cooper to 2018, as this analysis shows. Six times $40M? That's a quarter of a billion dollars, or half the value of Cooper's real estate portfolio. That much loss cannot be covered up. But that's why the Cooper Union Board of Trustees would rather the world not know the names Robert Bernhard, Ron Drucker, Mark Epstein, William Sandholm, John Michaelson, or Sandra Priest Rose. Much preferable to pay over a half million dollars per year to folks like Dr. George Campbell and Dr. Jamshed Bharucha to take the heat and act like they are in charge.

    Quarter billion cover-up? More like a quarter billion fuck up.

    Fan Mail

  • "Thanks for sending [My Fantasy Presidential Address] along. I enjoyed reading it." - Jamshed Bharucha, President 2011-2013?
  • "One of the more reasoned responders in this Facebook explosion of the past week. We should not have to resort to people like you who have the time, interest and intelligence to plow through obscure filings which may or may not reflect reality to try and tease this out." - Peter Cafiero, CUAA President 2011-2013
  • "We are fucked." - John Leeper, CUAA President 2013-2015
  • "Cooper has a serious cluster fuck." - Felipe Coronel (Immortal Technique)
  • "F-in awesome! Wow!" - CE '84
  • "All I can say is holyfuckshitcrapohmygodfuck."
  • "Highly enlightening. I would go so far as to say it is the most sensible, fact-based document I have come across on the issue. Your words and actions have been inspiring to me, and the facts you have brought to light will doubtless inspire others, too. I pray that our beloved Cooper Union will emerge from this time unharmed. I've been monitoring The Alumni Pioneer for updates regularly!" - EE '98
  • "Excellent, excellent, excellent. Peter Cooper, when referring to 'alumni rallying around the institution' would place you as one of the leaders in this effort." - ME '87
  • "This is great scholarship." - CE '99
  • "Thank you for compiling and analyzing the data." - EE '99
  • "Inspired, eloquent, comprehensive and on the money. Bravo!" - EE '55
  • "Thomas Nast would be proud. [Matt Arnold's infographics] are excellent! Thank you for the illustrative journalism!" - CE '99

    The Alumni Pioneer also established this Facebook policy on December 18, 2012. Now that it is an archive, alumni are asked to please refrain from communicating directly with the publisher about Cooper matters.

    Info about this website: Not Nice Music went out of business in 2008. Cassandra's Curse is one of several Internet Books available on the Not Nice Music website, in addition to some other special collections, such as the September 11 Page. Aside from being an archive, the Not Nice Music website is currently primarily a fan site for the Publisher's young son, who has a full-tuition scholarship to the National Dance Institute program (see, there is free after-school education for elementary and middle school students, too!). This content is not a publicity stunt for Not Nice Music or Cassandra's Curse.

    Info about the publisher: Here's a Cooper-focused page about the Publisher of The Alumni Pioneer.

    President Bharucha's Sins Against the Cooper Union Community

    This editorial is slightly updated from the version printed on April 10, 2012.

    In March of 2012, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show joked about Obama’s vocal support of a Libya no-fly zone, “Mr President, you don’t even think enough of us to lie to us.” We know that our leaders have to make hard decisions, and we prefer it when they stretch the truth to make us feel better about compromises or deals. If you play golf with the President, you give him a mulligan.

    The president of The Cooper Union is not elected, he is paid a salary that is demonstrably too high and tasked with convincing wealthy philanthropists to donate money and with overseeing a staff, budget, and investment portfolio that will ensure the college’s continued existence. Cooper presidents have typically kept their distance from most faculty, staff, students, and alumni and, as long as Cooper continued its mission and its excellence, everyone was comfortable with the chain-of-command. Jamshed Bharucha came to Cooper with an academic agenda and was faced with a financial crisis he didn’t cause. Under normal circumstances, the president would have replaced top management with a staff of his own picking, instituted some tough changes, and been forgotten along with other former Cooper presidents.

    The Alumni Pioneer has taken the position that Jamshed Bharucha is a symptom of the problem, not a route to the solution. We understand that Bharucha has endeared himself to many, but when the Board reverses its announcement of tuition at Cooper and finally enforces an austerity budget at Cooper (the austerity budget we were promised at the end of 2008 that was ignored for three years under Bharucha’s predecessor), it will be a shock if Bharucha is remembered in a decade as the president who saved The Cooper Union. Consider his record:

  • Under Bharucha, The Cooper Union tried to change its mission statement on its website while Bharucha made hay about the Deed of Trust.
  • Bharucha made repeated references to Peter Cooper’s autobiography with no mention of Peter’s disdain for indebtedness, the cause of the current fiscal crisis.
  • Bharucha announced a hiring freeze in a letter to The Cooper Community, ignored it, and then deleted reference to it on the Cooper website to cover his tracks.
  • Bharucha had his administration suppress announcement of the December community summit, then sent regrets that he couldn’t attend, then denounced in his December address those who would “fan the flames of rage and rancor,” had those remarks edited on the Cooper website to delete the words “and rancor,” and has steadfastly refused to acknowledge the efforts of the Friends of Cooper Union breakout sessions to follow.
  • Bharucha claimed Cooper had a “structural deficit” due to “decades of deficit spending,” had his staff distribute fake graphs to support the first claim, then admitted the data prior to 2005 was incorrect, and finally released an analysis that showed that for six of the past twelve years, Cooper actually had a surplus, but lost much of its endowment in the 2008 crash.
  • While declaring that he and his administration would be more transparent, Bharucha instead instituted a media blackout, has refused to provide financial information shown briefly on Halloween, and has refused to answer dozens of questions posed by The Alumni Pioneer.
  • Bharucha declared the need for a “Revenue Task Force,” demanded it raise $28 million a year (he dropped the figure to the still outlandish $20 million a year), mocked the idea of expense reduction, and watched as his own Revenue Task Force insisted that expense reduction not be separated out.
  • Bharucha let the Board Chair belittle (and underestimate) the alumni, and waged a propaganda campaign in an attempt to divert the entire Cooper Union Community away from the realization, consideration, and acceptance of real solutions to the problems created by his bosses.
  • The Alumni Pioneer sincerely hopes that the tuition freight train is derailed, and that The Cooper Union will emerge from this financial crisis with its mission and its excellence intact. We understand that, by taking a public anti-Bharucha stance, we may have alienated some members of the community who, for whatever reason, like Bharucha. But, in our opinion, and for the reasons stated, we feel Jamshed Bharucha ran out of mulligans a long time ago, and this website will remain as a corrective to future Cooper historians.

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    Media Coverage

    12-03-2012 to now: C.U.$.O.$. maintains a press page at
    09-04-2012 The Listserve: Cooper professor tells 21,000 people about Peter Cooper and The Cooper Union
    07-16-2012 WNYC News Blog: Quotes Publisher that providing scholarships only to those in financial need may destroy relationship of alumni to college
    07-13-2012 NPR Planet Money Podcast: How institutions can never recover from a categorical change of charging for what was free
    07-06-2012 Huffington Post: Puts Cooper at center of higher education crisis
    06-21-2012 Dissent: Links free education and 1T day to CU in the news
    05-09-2012 The Villager: Concerned faculty, students, alumni
    05-03-2012 The Villager: The Way Forward
    04-26-2012 Pensions & Investments: Michaelson: If you charge tuition, don't blame me
    04-25-2012 WNYC News Blog: Grad students pay for undergrads an "iffy experiment"
    04-25-2012 The Gothamist, NY1, The New York Times, GalleristNY: OWS marches from Union Square to Cooper Square, ends in arrest on statue
    04-25-2012 Reuters: Administration can't be trusted
    04-24-2012 AP News Wire: Sensational Headline
    04-24-2012 The Wall Street Journal: Board approved week ago
    04-24-2012 The New York Times*: Hybrid framework
    04-17-2012 Real Estate Weekly, NY Observer, The New York Times, The Chronicle of Higher Education: The Gothamist punked
    04-16-2012 The Gothamist: Blog punked by fake "Cooper to lease NAB to NYU" website
    03-22-2012 The Villager: Bharucha Reinvention Strategy cited
    03-08-2012 The Villager: Alumni President uses "conspiracy theory" stereotype
    02-23-2012 The Villager: Talking Point: Save The Cooper Union without losing its identity
    02-07-2012 The Local: Balloon protest at wreath-laying ceremony
    01-11-2012 The Village Voice: Cooper remaining tuition-free deemed "inevitable"
    12-19-2011 Bloomberg: Good luck, Revenue Task Force: Cornell and Technion to put engineering campus on Roosevelt Island without borrowing
    12-16-2011 Capital: Describes shock of crisis to community, extensive Degen and Slavin quotes
    12-16-2011 The Villager: Local newspaper continues to follow story, covering the Presidential Address
    12-11-2011 Brooklyn Rail: Adjunct professor describes inherent value of education, sums it all up in must-read
    12-09-2011 The College of 2020: Bharucha says teaching should be more interactive and interdisciplinary
    12-08-2011 The Villager: Front page story in local newspaper gets coverage of Community Summit right
    12-07-2011 The Village Voice: Calls free tuition quaint, cites Chrysler Building rent canard
    12-05-2011 The Chronicle of Higher Education: In 2009, Campbell in top ten salary of 519 private colleges with budgets over $50M
    11-30-2011 Vanishing New York: Blog coverage with photos of "On The Table" exhibition
    11-30-2011 The New School Free Press: Great coverage including interviews with many, including former Board Chair Michalis
    11-27-2011 The Chronicle of Higher Education: Campbell considers full-tuition scholarship Cooper's historic mission
    11-10-2011 The Villager: Editorial says charge full-tuition to 400 well-to-do families from 900 student body
    11-10-2011 The Villager: Bharucha increases deficit by $30K
    11-10-2011 The Villager: Boos, applause, and anticipated future actions
    11-10-2011 VV Blog: Faculty question crisis
    11-09-2011 Reuters Blog: Calls finances murky
    11-08-2011 NY Times*: Campbell Letter to the Editor
    11-08-2011 NY Times*: Campbell confirms ongoing consideration of charging tuition
    11-08-2011 The Local: Board blames alumni
    11-07-2011 Art in America: Bharucha says Revenue Task Force will report in Spring 2012
    11-04-2011 WNYC News Blog: Historian Buckley reinforces Peter Cooper belief in free education
    11-03-2011 DNAInfo: Bharucha listens as students demand tuition be taken off table
    11-02-2011 Vimeo: Video interviews with students, faculty, alumna
    11-02-2011 VV Blog: 100 students walk out of class
    11-02-2011 NY1: Student Walkout
    11-02-2011 NY1: Bharucha interview
    11-01-2011 Huffington Post: Rehash supplemented by link to $35K tuition figure
    11-01-2011 VV Blog: Wouldn't effect current or future low-income students
    10-31-2011 NY Times*: Revenue Task Force
    04-20-2010 NY Times*: Fact check, please! Campbell, announcing retirement, claims 2008 balanced budget, first in decades
    06-30-2009 CNBC: Michaelson, head of trustee investment committee, claims Cooper did not do risky hedge funds
    06-30-2009 WSJ: Cooper Sidesteps 2009 Crisis
    06-18-2009 The Chronicle of Higher Education: Olin temporarily goes to 50% tuition for "sustainable financial model"
    12-31-2007 New York Observer: Cooper pays $1M to sell Engineering Building, keeps space for eventual move of administrative offices
    02-11-1997 NY Times* Trustees Ousted for Neglect of Fiduciary Duty of Care

    *New York Times articles may only be available to non-subscribers for a limited time.

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    Volume 91, mini #5 - picks up on Alumni Pioneer front-pager about hiring freeze violations, cites faculty outrage and cost of job search firm.
    Volume 91, #5 - 23-page "unity" issue includes student coverage of Community Summit, editorial eloquently comparing dark clouds of finals to dark clouds obscuring unity over taking tuition off the table, coverage of On The Table exhibition, more.
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    Volume 91, mini #3 - includes highlights from the Open Forum with Mark Epstein, and coverage of a Joint Student Council meeting that followed after.
    Volume 91, mini #2 - includes a front-page summary of the ESC Open Forum (what The Alumni Pioneer now calls "the Halloween Massacre"), reports on the Walk-Work-Act-Out and a silent demonstration in front of the Art Dean's office, a political cartoon, and notices of upcoming meetings

    Historical Cooper Pioneer Articles

    '79-'80 Cooper Finances and Student Fees Cover Renovation Debt
    '80-'81 Cooper Finances
    '81-'82 Cooper Finances
    Board of Trustees Rejects Proposed 1982-1983 Budget
    Board Chairman Letter on Access to Meetings
    '82-'83 Cooper Finances
    1980 - The Death of Apathy
    1981 - Who Writes the Pioneer?
    1986 - 65th Anniversary Mastheads

    Historical At Cooper Union issues

    Student Lou Lipson AR '13 scanned these pages from the Spring 1971 At Cooper Union and posted them to As Free As Air and Water, but the link has problems, so The Alumni Pioneer is making it available on its website. It is a 5MB PDF and concerns the drastic measures The Cooper Union took in the 70's to keep afloat.

    Most interesting is a quote from an Engineers' Council for Professional Development (ECPD) 1964 report (now ABET) cautioning against "permitting graduate work to drain strength from the undergraduate program because of the unusual demands on the few members of the staff qualified to work with graduate students.... The curriculum is satisfactory but not outstanding."

    The Alumni Pioneer has scanned and posted this history compiled by assistant librarian Weimer-Vogl and published in a special Spring/Summer issue of At Cooper Union in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the school. Additional important issues of "At Cooper Union" are available as follows:
    Continuing Ed, 2002
    Campbell, Summer 2007
    Toman, Summer 2007
    Campbell, Summer 2008
    Bee, Summer 2008
    Campbell, Winter 2008
    Bee, Winter 2008
    Campbell, Summer 2009
    Bee, Summer 2009
    Campbell, Winter 2009
    Bee, Winter 2009

    The Cooper Union has also tried to hide this report from Board of Trustees Chairman Ronald W. Drucker from 2007.

    Historical Abram Steven Hewitt portrait

    Peter Cooper may have helped found the B&O Railroad and lay the transatlantic cable, but his son-in-law, Abram Hewitt - a New York City mayor and U.S. congressman - made Penn Station possible. Read a profile of the man who talked Andrew Carnegie into giving $300K to The Cooper Union and claimed that Peter Cooper said that education should be "as free as air and water" - or coined the phrase himself.

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    The Gang of Six

    There are several websites which, once set up, are self-running. But these alumni have gone out of their way to give time to the cause.

    Karina Tipton, CE '99, Brown and Caldwell and Tiny Choices

    Moderates alumni LinkedIn group and Cooper Union Commons

    Sean Cusack, BSE '98, Learnosaurus and eruciform

    Tweets meetings and links, created Cooper Union Task Force and wiki

    Rocco Cetera, CE '99, PANY/NJ

    Long-time organizer of alumni events

    Kerry Carnahan, CE '00

    Organizer, FREE COOPER UNION! A Community Summit

    Henry Chapman, A '11

    The force behind the Save Cooper Union Without Tuition petition

    Xenia Diente, A '99, DDC Percent for Art liaison

    The brains behind the outfit, rumored to have undue influence on Rocco

    Rescue Heroes

    Top speakers at the Community Summit. Click on their pictures to see YouTube videos of their presentations.

    Kevin Slavin, A '95, Transparency

    Ben Degen, A '98, Guiding Principles

    David Gersten, AR '91, Removing Barriers

    Barry Drogin, EE '83, Revenue and Analysis

    Richard Stock, Professor, Overview of Expenses

    Peter Buckley, Associate Professor, Institutional Governance

    Last Suppers

    April 26, 2012: Rocco Cetera CE '99, Richard Stock (faculty), Sarah Crowe A '12, Day Gleeson (faculty), Yuri Masnyj A '98, Litia Perta (faculty), Toby Cumberbatch (faculty), Peter Buckley (faculty), David Gersten AR '91, Sangu Iyer CE '99, Karina Tipton CE '99, Tom Synott (faculty), John Leeper AR '85 (Friends of Cooper Union)

    December 9, 2012: Victoria Sobel, Jakob Biernat, Tyler Berrier, Tyler Paige, Kristi Cavataro, Jon Cuba, Peter Cooper, Aaron Fowler, Josiah Ellis, Joe Riley, Aaron Graham, Casey Gollan (The Cooper 11)

    May 8, 2013 Sit-In: To help provide suppers to the students occupying the President's Office, provide money at Occupy Cooper: Alumni Dinners.

    Page One / Cooper Pioneer / Top / Editorial/Links/Mail / Media/Historical / Alumni / Page 2 Fare / Webcomics

    Page 2 Fare

    03-04-2018 Toxic
    06-21-2015 Egypt
    06-11-2013 The Unsinkable Jamshed Bharucha
    06-01-2013 Nicknames (rev 5)
    05-15-2013 5 Things To Keep You Disconnected From Reality
    08-31-2012 Listening to You Say Words
    01-01-2012 Quotable Quotes
    12-15-2011 Speculation, A Poem
    12-09-2011 Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
    11-21-2011 Rosebud

    Page 2 features lighter (but no less serious) fare: a "translation" of Bharucha's Back-to-School e-mail, a poem by Barry Drogin, a collection of Alumni Pioneer nicknames, a collection of professorial quotes from The Cooper Pioneer, and the mysterious Rosebud, plus games and funny papers. Enjoy!

    Click for larger pictures

    Stephen Doyle's Foundation Building with Penguins, circa 1980

    Alyssa Davis's New Academic Building, 2012

    It's a lemon!

    Do Not Shake!

    Free, by Scott Lerman A '81 (click for full image)


    On December 5, we met in a summit to ensure a free Cooper Union.

    I am no more intelligent, motivated, or creative than anyone else in the Cooper Union Community. Cooper Union students have been, are, and will be the most valuable and valued asset of this school. The faculty have been, are, and will be the most self-sacrificing, knowledgable, and forward-thinking educators in the country. The alumni have been, are, and will be the most generous, professional, and devoted alumni of any alumni in the world. Let no one doubt the excellence of these students. Let no one question the wisdom of this faculty. And let no one underestimate or plan on these alumni to not rally around the institution that was, that is, and that will be The Cooper Union. - Barry Drogin, written 12/2/2011, mic check Peter Cooper park 12/7/2012, Washington Square Park 12/8/2012

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